Hall family
Descendants of Thomas Dickinson Hall (18/08/1808 - 06/05/1879)
from Whatton Manor, Lanchester, Nottinghamshire, England
Whatton Manor, built by T D Hall Esq, in 1840.
The Manor was demolished in the mid 1960s.
Photo Album Made in 1896 Photographed by A.W.Cox, 11 St James” Street, Nottingham and Bound by John L. Young. Printer and Bookbinder Nottingham.

The album is 40cm X 33cm large and has got 36 photographs.
This album is in the possession of  Peter Thomas Hall (eldest
son of Joshua Herbert Hall, South Africa) as at 2006.
Greame Haffenden Hall and other family members have allso
got copies.

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Hall crest which was in the possession of Herbert Cecil Victor Hall (1887 - 1916) and I believe he inherited it as well so, at a minimum, I would guess it to date from the late 1800s. (E-mailed to me by a Canadian biographer, Chris Jensen on 7 October 2008, who is writing a book about HCVH.)

The Photo was taken outside the family home of Whatton Manor, presumably 1896.

Fanny Lousa nee Walker
Frederick Dickinson b.1845

Mary Constance b. 1856
Alice Elizabeth b.1841
William Gladwin Turbutt
Dorothea Frances nee Greaves
Edith Sophia b. 1851

Maurice James b. 1849
Gurtrude Harriett b.1842
Herbert Gottlieb Edlmann
Edward Algernon b.1853