Thomas Hall, 1743 - 1835 . Memorial in St. Mary's, Nottingham.
App,d as FWK to father 1757. Burgess 1764 (original certificate is at Legbourne). Made fortune in "great days of stocking frames" as partner in HNH & Company 1773 and Hall & Northage. Lived Angel Row, Nottingham. Bough Whatton from G S Foljambe & Earl of Chesterfield.
Elizabeth Phillips. ??? - 1814
Former house keeper of Thomas Hall

1. Thomas     ??? - prior to 1831, 7th Fusiliers, profligate and was second in duel Jan 1806.
Married Margaret Raines

2. William Henry 01/04/1788 - 06/01/1849
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Burgess originally meant a freeman of a borough or burgh. It later came to mean an elected or un-elected official of a municipality.
The word is linguistically close to the French "Bourgeois" which originally also meant an inhabitant of town of city.