Thomas Dickinson Hall
18/08/1808 - 03/05/1879 Lanchester Nottinghamshire
Buriel in the Parish Church of Whatton - St John of Beverly
Married 12/5/1840 Newark Not.
Sophia Elizabeth Haffendon
18/07/1814 - 26/06/1896
Buriel in the Parish Church of Whatton - St John of Beverly
Alice Elizabeth 1841 - 8/10/1920 unmarried
Gertrude Harriet 18/07/1842 - 4/12/1933
Married 4/2/1875 Herbert Gotlieb Edlmann
Cecil Haffenden 11/1843 - 20/08/1874
Frederick Dickinson 26/5/1845 - 21/3/1931
Reginald Allgood 17/8/1846 - 1895
Thomas Kenrick 22/1/1848 - 28/02/1890 unmarried
Maurice James 22/9/1849 - 24/07/1914  Came to
South Africa in 1881, Middleburg Cape
Edith Sophia 06/09/1851 - 25/6/1932 ; married 6/11/1879
William Gladwyn Turbutt 07/02/1853 -  1891
Edward Algernon 26/5/1853 - 3/9/1933
Mary Constance 1856 - 24/3/1946 unmarried
Im Memory of
Sophia Elizabeth Hall
wife of
Thomas Dickinson Hall
died June 21st 1896.
aged 81 years.
To the memory
Thomas Dickinson
( Lord of this Manor
and the patron of
this church)
Who died
May 2nd 1879
in the 71st year
of his age.
(1896 photo is from the photo album on the home page.)
These two photo's taken by Peter Thomas Hall on his visit to Whatton on 18 November 2007.

Parish church of St. John of the Beverly, main street,Whatton-in-the-vale.
Built in the 11th and 12th Centuries the church was extensively renovated
in the late 19th century by TD Hall
1. Graves of Thomas  and Sophia at the Parish Church of St John, Whatton
(The grave stones on the left are of their son Cecil and note that a grave stone has been erected on Sophia's grave since this photo)
Updated 16/02/2008
2. Letter written by T.D.Hall on Monday December 14, 1840. This letter was sold on ebay (item number 290136742212) on 16 July 2007
             for a winning bid of 67.21 pounds. The stamp on the letter is a 1840 Penny Black considered scarce.
...........  ............  ................
My Solicitor
       I should be at home anytime
before 10'clock on Wednesday
morning next. So that your clerk
must come over by the early
coach on that morning, .......  ......
I shall not be at home. And I can
...... appriciate another day, as I
am going out for a few days.
    I am sorry to hear Cambell
is so very dilatory in clearing
up the title to the Whatton
Mill as I am very anxcious
to have it. I am sorry ...........
to hear that ...........  ............
money is not forthcoming
as the money is  ................
and believe me I ..................
my dissatfaction.
          Yours very truly
                 T D Hall
Whatton Manor
       Monday Dec. 14th
                Received Wednesday 16th
3. Old family Bible

On 27 April 2016 Peter Hall received this email from Gabriel Gillick

Are you the Dickinson Hall's I'm looking for?
I bought a box of old books at an auction in Louth, Lincolnshire for about 2 a few years ago, mainly because one of the books was an early-mid 19th century family bible with a lot of family information listed in handwriting in the front. I felt at the time that such an important family record should not be cast away, as was about to happen.
It notes in the front that the book first belonged to Sophia E. Hall (May 1840) and was given to Frederick Dickinson Hall (Nov. 29th 1879)... and then a list of other holders of the book up to 1945.
There is also a great list of births, deaths, dates of both and causes of deaths, location of burial, baptism place, vicar and godparents, etcetera, between the years of 1879 and 1955.
I'd love to return the book to the family to whom it belongs... Is this you?

In correspondence with Gabriel he promised to send me scans of the entries in the bible, these I received on 13 July 2016. The one scan was a list of recipients of the bible the first owner being:   Sophia E Hall May 1840 . She then handed it down as follows.
Frederick Dickinson Hall 29 November 1879
Arthur Kenrick Dickinson Hall March 1930
Jeffrey Penrose Dickinson Hall March 1945 (the last known family member to have the bible).

Adrian Michael Dickinson Hall is the next family member who should have got the bible, the son of JPD Hall. He is at present corresponding with Gabriel Gillick to try and get the bible.
These scans were very valuable to me because I could check and add updates to the website pages.

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